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Window Drawing

On bright and beautiful Monday 29th March, the first day of lockdown easing, I had the pleasure of decorating the spring window at Neighbourhood Store, Shoreham-by-Sea.

And what a delight it was to see Emma and Gary, have coffee and cake, and draw in the sunny window.

They had kindly invited me to decorate their first window of the year, and we quickly decided that it had to be mega-floral. Perfect as I'm sharing the window with a floral headdress maker! Coming up with an idea was a bit daunting at first, but luckily I had plenty of time to plan it. I settled on a vintage 60s-inspired design that would suit the shop's bold style - plus they have a vintage rail so it just felt right.

As their location is so brilliant overlooking the water and a busy road, I wanted to make a paper mobile that would move about in the breeze and catch the eye. So a couple of weeks ago I took home a very nice fallen branch from the woods and figured out a simple hanging paper decoration idea. There are loads of ideas to get you started on Pinterest if you want to make your own! I simply folded some coloured card in half, and half again, and cut 2 leaf shapes out leaving a bit on the folded side, opened them up and ta-daa! 4 leafy shapes, nice and easy to tie with embroidery thread.

It was so good to do 'live art' again, even though it was really just a simple floral with Posca pen. People were smiling as they walked past - some sign of optimism after a hard winter.

And not only did I get to do the window, they will have my prints, tea towels and card sets there to buy for the next few weeks. If you've not been there, it really is a treasure-trove of fun design, gorgeous house plants, clothes and gifts. And a guaranteed friendly welcome too.

Whilst I was full of springtime creative energy, I went the next day to my own shop FOUND and drew some giant anemone flowers - they are definitely one of my all time favourites!

It's amazing how much positive feedback this has all received. The wonderful Design Trust even shared my drawing video on instagram. Live art making feels like such a novelty now. Here's to more public art-making and creativity!

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