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Return of the blog

It has been quite some time since I deleted my old site and blog, and after toying with the idea for ages, it's time to start blogging again. Hooray!

There is so much going on this autumn/winter, so there's plenty to write about.

I'm really excited to be taking part in my first print fair in Margate, holding my first solo show in Worthing, and selling at markets locally and in Chichester, as well as a pop-up shop in Brighton.

A year ago I would not have imagined all this, but I've been slowly and steadily adding to my screen print collection, and there's a nice bunch of them to exhibit now.

While I think of lovely things to write about, here's a quick timeline of confirmed dates so far:

> Ink Paper + Print at Winter Gardens, Margate

27-28 October, 11am-5pm

> Forest Song, Colonnade House, Worthing

6-11 November, 10am-5pm

> Etsy Made Local, Drapers Yard, Chichester

30 November-2 December

> Ashdown Road Artists, Worthing

13 December, 5pm-8pm

15-16 December, 11am-5pm

I'll be updating my about page as more details are confirmed.

Thank you for reading - this is a quick post to get back into it but there will be more!

In the meantime you can find me on Instagram, and most of my prints/cards are in my Etsy shop.

Do stay in touch and I hope to see you somewhere around the place this season.


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