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The Small Things Exhibition Drawings

When the bigger picture is confusing and hard to see, what can we do but appreciate the small things?

Scenes from Anna’s walks near her home, they are local landscapes, capturing the feeling of walking alone at the beginning or end of the day. Personal landmarks such as the local park are often unremarkable places, but at a certain time of day the changing light can lend an air of magic, or in turn add a layer of sadness.


This is how Anna describes the feeling behind the drawings.

'Walking in the park alone at dusk, or in the woods in pale winter light. Quiet contemplation of another day passed, and with it whatever we have dealt with. Taking pleasure in the changing light, and the way the lamplight glows behind the trees. Walking the dog, with the only light in the park coming from the hospital windows. Hearing children playing in the dark skate park.

The fleeting joy of our daughters playing chase in the woods before returning home.

The descending gloom briefly made magical at dusk.'

These artworks were exhibited at Colonnade House, Worthing, in May 2021. You can buy the works still available here, as well as the booklet containing images and descriptions of all of these drawings, designed by Anna and printed in the UK on recycled paper.

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